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Russ & Eve Finlay   Westerose,   Alberta,   Canada     Ph: 780-514-6145     or     Home: 780 - 682-2080      

border collie


border collie


australian shepherd


Australian Shepherd


border collie

Jim Cumberland Ranch Roping Clinic

 Friday January 29th, 7 pm till... - ground work (no horses)...

Saturday January 30th, 8 am - 5 pm. (horses)

Sunday January 31, 1:00 pm - Jackpot Event (only available to clinic participants).


Cost: $150.00 which includes Saturday hot luncheon. (please bring cash)

780-514-6145     or     780-682-2080

Stock Dog Training

 If you are interested in stock dog (herding) training - private lessons, or of the next available clinic, please give us a call!
780-514-6145     or     780-682-2080

Stock dog training begins with simple obedience training. Teaching a dog to come to you, lie down etc. are all necessary things. All trainers use different methods of training, so if you are involved in an existing training school, the methods taught there may not be the same methods we use here. Do not dispair! The smart thing to do, and what we recommend, is to take something from each trainer you go to - there is no one perfect method of training a dog. Each dog is different, and each task you are wanting your dog to learn, is different. What works for one dog, may not work for another. If you are familiar with Cesar Millan (The dog Whisperer) and his methods, ours are quite similar. We use the same 'Leader of the Pack' mentality. Dogs are pack animals, and in your family, which is your dogs pack, you must be the dominant leader of that pack. If you aren't your dog will be.

We use a pressure and release method - pressure when the dog is not doing as it should, and immediate release, when it does.
So, we welcome you to come on out to our clinics and have a fun day, working with the sheep and training your dog!

You will learn the basics of the dog/handler relationship, discuss the natural abilities of the dog and the learn the mechanics of training your dog to herd livestock.

These clinics are 'hands on' so whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced stock dog handler, you will be right out there with your dog and our sheep, moving them around the pen or the field. Russ will give instruction to each individual as to what he wants you to do, and will be right beside the first timers to guide you around - physically if necessary so that your dog moves to the right position to move the sheep.
You will learn a lot by watching the others as they put their dogs to work on the sheep.

Dress accordingly to the weather - good boots or shoes that you can move around in easily and sometimes quickly, layered clothing that allows you to remove some if you work up a sweat.

In the warmer months, ladies, please remember that a halter top or low rise jeans are not appropriate for herding - there is a lot of running around, and Russ sometimes has to physically grab ahold of a belt loop or the back of a top, to help guide you into position. Jeans and a T-shirt are great. Be considerate of his job!

Herding Clinics in Westerose

NO Clinics Scheduled

Due to Russ's heavy work schedule he won't be hosting stock dog clinics for the forseeable future.

If you are in need of a private lesson, give him a call - once the ground dries up and the days get longer he will be available most days for private lessons. $75.00 for a 1/2 to 1 hr. of individual training - Cash Only Please.

These lessons incorporate both herding training and basic obedience training/manners. If you have a dog who needs more of one or the other, Russ will assess the situation and use your time accordingly.
Please understand that not all dogs can do a 1 hour session with the sheep. Younger dogs or new dogs do get burned out. You want to end each lesson on a positive note - with the dog having a success. Russ will assess your dog as it works and know when that time has come. That is the maximum time for the private lessons.


Cash on site.

If you make arrangements prior, you can also pay on the PayPal link below with a credit card.
Note: The PayPal payment will come up as K9Kennels which is the account we set it up as.

Local Weather

Herding Clinics in Calgary    Due too his evergrowing work schedule, Russ will no longer be training at stock dog clinics in Calgary.
The nice folks at Clever Canines (Canine Educator/Trainer & Behaviorist), in Calgary Alberta may still be holding their stock dog clinics. If you are interested in attending a clinics with your dog - any breed, please give them a call. 403-226-2275. They were recently featured in an article in the Calgary Herald.