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  We are but mere shepherds, watching over our flocks
  administering to our animals, with love.

Russ & Eve Finlay   Westerose,   Alberta,   Canada     Phone - Home: 780-682-2080 or Cell: 780 - 514-6145     

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border collie
Belle our Red & White Border Collie


border collie
Bryn our Tri Colored Border Collie Stud


maremma pup
Maremma Bitch and pups


australian shepherd
Australian Shepherd pup


livestock guardian
Bronsen Maremma X Akbash Guardian


working dogs


Kate, our Kelpie Bitch


australian shepherd
Australian Shepherd pup


guardian dogs
Gem and pups


border collie pup
Border Collie Pup


Australian Shepherd
Breeze, our Australian Shepherd Bitch


livestock guardian


livestock guardian
Gem, our Maremma Bitch


dorper sheep


border collie


maremma pup
Future Guardian


border collie
Belle moving sheep


Australian Shepherd
Breeze and pups


livestock guardians


border collie
Russ Finlay - a bit about me

I have been breeding working stock dogs for over 18 years and have owned and worked both Australian Shepherds and Border Collies for over 25 years.
My first Australian Shepherd was a little lady named 'Kiwi', who became the second hand man on my dairy farm in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, a lifetime ago.

Kiwi worked beside me, travelled with me and was a companion and friend as well as a working partner until I had to put her down at the ripe old age of 17. Back then, I didn't know that the Australian Shepherd was 'different' to train than a Border Collie, I just knew that there was work to be done on the farm, cattle to bring in, gates to guard and Kiwi learned to do it all.
There was no such thing as 'Australian Shepherds not being expected to do the same quality of work that the Border Collie can'  that I've heard so much of today.
Kiwi was buried in a wooded grove under the trees, a very fitting resting place for such a dear old friend.

In Memory of Kiwi
My partner, my friend

A few years later, Belle, my red and white Border Colie came into my life. Belle was 6 months old, and had some issues to overcome in her young life - her previous owner had as he said,'educated' her, and made her extemely fearful of men. I spent the next four months trying to win her affection and make her feel comfortable.

She did come around, and was my first real effort at training a stock dog 'by the book' so to speak. All my learning paid off, and in 2003 Belle won the Novice Class in the Alberta Stock Dog Association's Year End Finals (Field Trial).
This was quite a feat, epecially since it was her (and my) first field trial.
Belle also placed 2nd in the Open Class of the Rimbey Stock dog Challenge 2003 (arena trial), where she competed against some of the best dogs and handlers in the country!

Bell passed away in December of 2013. She will be greatly missed.

RIP our little Belle dog.

Bryn was my other main stock dog here on the farm - he's a beautiful pure bred tri colored Border who became my most loyal loving stud dog.
Bryn lost his sight in 2013, and his work was then delegated to doing stock dog demonstrations which he loved to do. Losing his sight did not mean losing his desire to work.
The photo at the top of the page was taken at Edmonton Farmfair Stock Dog Trial, 2006, where Bryn placed 8th out of 39 dogs on day two, competing against some of the best dogs and handlers in North America.
Not bad for his first trial!
He had a lot of workability and became a really great all around stock dog.

Ace - my red and white Border Collie Stud, stepped up to become my main working dog on the farm. He has bred many a fine litter of pups and is a fine working stock dog.

I also have been using my Kelpie female more in the day to day work here on the farm. I am really enjoying the Kelpie as a working stock dog and can't say enough about their desire and kean interest in working stock.

I don't have a whole lot of time to spend trialing, my job as a professional auctioneer and announcer takes up a lot of weekends, which is when the trials are held. Our dogs are bred to work here on the farm, we only breed from proven working stock and they get used most every day here on our flock of over 70 head of South African Dorper sheep.

I also pasture check on horseback with a good friend Wes and our dogs, so my dogs are all worked not only on sheep, but cattle, horses, ducks - you name it. My goal is to train the all around working stock dog, and all of my dogs are trained right from the pup stage, by me.

During the winter months, I have access to two local indoor arenas, and twice a week load up the trailer with sheep and dogs, and go out to play. Lessons are also available at this time, so don't hesitate to give me a call.

I feel very strongly that a stock dog is a STOCK dog, and knew it was only a matter of time before I got myself another Aussie, therefore I now have two pure bred Australian Shepherds which I brought in from the US.

Training the different breeds of stock dogs can be quite a challenge. All stock dogs have the same inherent desire to please, if they are herding dogs, they have the desire to 'gather' to the dominant position - be it the she wolf or the handler. We attempt to capitalize on this natural desire and expand it. Recognizing the Border Collie as the most complete stock dog, the other breeds were developed for a purpose and we are looking forward to seeing just what these amazing dogs can do!

Please give me a call to find out about future litters, started dogs for sale, upcoming clinics or private lessons, or if you just want to talk dogs. I look forward to hearing from you!   780.514.6145
Don't you worry about the time - God has surely blessed me - I'm one of the fortunate ones who gets to do what he loves to do - work with my dogs, train dogs, talk about dogs, ... and you know, the phone rings by the bed too!      Russ

Our Border Collies   The Border Collie

Updates on our working Boder Colllies coming soon!

Our Australian Shepherds  The Australian Shepherd

We now have a few beautiful Australian Shepherd herding dogs that I am having great success with in their training. They are an upright dog, so their herding style is different than that of the Border Collie, but just a loving eager working dog.

Our Kelpies  The Australian Kelpie

We have a very enthusiastic herding dog in our little female Kelpie, 'Kate'. She is a ball of fire and will take a little more control and focus on her to get her skill and natural ability pointed in the right direction.

Training the different breeds of stock dogs can be quite a challenge. All stock dogs have the same inherent desire to please, if they are herding dogs, they have the desire to 'gather' to the dominant position - be it the she wolf or the handler. We attempt to capitalize on this natural desire and expand it. Recognizing the Border Collie as the most complete stock dog, the other breeds were developed for a purpose and we are looking forward to seeing just what these amazing dogs can do!

Our Livestock Guardians

We have both Maremma, and Maremma X Akbash livestock guardians here on our farm who live with our flock of about 75 sheep. We do prefer the Maremma to other breeds such as the Great Pyranese, as in our opinion, they tend to stay with the flock more than roaming the countryside building up a territory.

I wouldn't own livestock of any kind without one. These dogs will keep your kids and animals safe from predators of all kinds - they are truly 'Guardians' and will guard and protect anything they are bonded with. If you are having problems due to predators on your property, please give us a call - we'd love to discuss your alternatives.


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Please email with any questions regarding our upcoming litters, training or dog demonstrations!

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